Free – For You!


For those of you who haven’t yet read my latest book of short stories, A Walk in the Woods, you can get it free – today and tomorrow! Tempted? Here’s an extract from one of the short stories, The Dark Place:

I hate this dark place. A cobweb gently glides over my cheek, its maker long gone, searching for fresh food. A squeak in the corner reminds me that I am not alone. The rats have been my only friends for the past few weeks. We used to fight each other for food, but food no longer interests me.

I jump, startled by the sudden wailing in the corridor. It is the same every night, but my senses still fear her. I smile, her incoherent babbling highlighting her madness. I thought I, too, would succumb to the dementia. I have no such joy. I have to live with…

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