Guest author: Jaye Marie ~ Silent Payback: A new release!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


by Jaye Marie is now available via Amazon

Excerpt from Silent Payback: David

This was my cue to lay all my cards on the table, spill the beans or come clean, but whatever I called it, my mouth didn’t want to open. I was at a crossroads and whatever happened now would probably change my life forever. That was when the voice in my head woke up again.

What are you worrying about? You have no life, and you are an even bigger fool if you think you might magically get one now.

‘David, I thought we could talk about this before turning our attention to the case in hand. If there is anything that might get in the way of that, I would like to know about it now.’

I knew it was no good trying to pretend I hadn’t reached the point of no return. I…

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