Children of Ra

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The noon sun beat down upon the land without mercy. Ra was incensed. He, the greatest of the gods was a cuckold. Nut had been unfaithful to him. He stormed through the palace, seeking his recalcitrant wife. He found her bathing in the lotus pool in the courtyard where the shadows cowered with the lizards beneath the walls against the fire of his wrath. Angry though he was, the sight of her took his breath away. Such was her beauty that none could resist gazing upon her.

Long, lustrous hair the colour of midnight veiled the brightness of her face from his sight as she stood amongst the lotus flowers. Hearing his footsteps she lifted eyes of the deepest blue, parting lips as pink as dawn in a gentle smile. Ra’s eyes lingered on the delicate neck, the full softness of the breasts that were his pillow, the graceful arc…

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