Latest recycling and environmental news…14th October 2019…

Retired? No one told me!

Every day there is something in the news about plastic waste, the environment or Climate change…I believe that much is done by individuals and local groups …Governments …I don’t know lots of talk goes on but is there enough action and is there an urgency…?

One thing I have noticed is that there are many females who are quite vocal and proactive not so many males…Is it me or are the male of the species more interested in finding solutions rather than speaking out publicly?

We all know that big corporations and corrupt governments are at the heart of many environmental disasters…I was however shocked at the number of deaths…

The Philippines is the ‘deadliest’ country for environmental, land activists.

Two in every 10 deaths that Global Witness watchdog group recorded last year took place in the Philippines….Now that is scary …Killed for defending their land or environmental encroachment…

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