Developing Your Psychic Skills Part 2 Psychic Protection

The Sisters of the Fey

Now that you have an overview of what it means to be psychic in all most all of the various ways that one can be psychic; here is the first and most important skill you must possess: psychic protection from unwanted, unsavory, negative energies (spirits, elementals, objects that carry negative energy, negative people with dark intentions, and places that have a dark energy).

The first thing that you must learn is to be able to know the difference between a healthy psychic experience and a psychic attack on your person, mentally and physically. This knowledge must come before delving into any psychic skill. It is critical to learn how to identify a psychic attack and they will approach you in many ways. They can even come across, initially, as a healthy experience, but that is only to gain entry into your life, however, there are always clues to be aware…

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