Latest recycling and environmental news…16th September 2019…

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this weeks environmental and recycling news as always I share both the good and the bad with you and hope that as you also do your own research that you form your own balanced opinion on how things are going…Can we believe all the headlines? I think from past experience the answer to that is no…

I don’t smoke and abhor the smell of it…I have also written about cigarette butts b4….For something so small and I have seen people just flick them away…They create a pretty big mountain of trash and do untold damage…

Cigarette butts have long been the single most collected item on the world’s beaches, with a total of more than 60 million collected over 32 years.

It’s no wonder that cigarette butts have drawn attention. The vast majority of the 5.6 trillion cigarettes manufactured worldwide each year come with filters made of cellulose…

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