Beyond the bounds…

France & Vincent


It is not beyond the bounds of possibility,

that a technologically advanced people

could live more simply

than their technology insists…


But outside the realms of science fiction writing

it is highly unlikely.


The Ancients present us with just such a conundrum.


Apart from the stones themselves,

the archaeological remains

speak of ‘low-level’ subsistence.


The stones and their construction

are anything but low-level,

being at the very least

incredibly accurate chronometers

which purposefully track the heavenly bodies

and quite possibly a lot more besides.


One way out of the conundrum

would be to posit two separate peoples

which we might want to call the ‘designers’

and the ‘builders’.


But this immediately presents us

with a whole host of equally insurmountable problems.


How and why did the two peoples

live in harmony together?


Where did the ‘designers’ come from?

And where, eventually…

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