Infographic: Online Safety for Children

Nicholas C. Rossis

With the wee one growing up faster than I ever thought possible, I’m already starting to think about her online safety. She’s almost four and uses my tablet more than either her mother or I do, knows how to find anything she wants on YouTube or Netflix (even though she can’t read or write yet), and can download, install, and play pretty much any game from the PlayStore. Even though we’re always around and I’m proud of the way she has mastered the tablet at such an early age, I also feel the need to be constantly vigilant.

My increasing paranoia is fueled by the fact that the Internet can be a scary place for adults, let alone for kids. This was brought home by some sobering statistics I came across the other day on SafeAtLast:

  • 70% of kids encounter sexual or violent content online while doing homework research

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