The Pillowcase Event

This is such a wonderful idea!

A Teacher's Reflections

Did you know that the last words the brain hears before you fall asleep are what ‘sticks’, what the brain remembers?  For children this is most important. Growing up is hard work, and any good words are more than needed.  They’re necessary.

Pillowcases.  Bedtime.  Here’s the backstory:

I will never forget hearing Jeanine Fitzgerald speak about the pillowcase.  She is a Behavior Consultant and Specialist.  She works with children – the tough ones, at-risk children.  She also has her own school and is a presenter to teachers.  I was lucky to hear her tell the story of a child who was going to be taken away from her mother.  Jeanine was called in as a last resort.  She told the mother to write ten positive things on a pillowcase to say to her daughter, and read one of them aloud each night before her daughter falls asleep.

How simple.  Long…

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