The Chalice & The Sun #yearning #writephoto #queenofcups

I had been intending to write a blog post about some recent explorations I’ve had with the chalice as a symbol when I opened Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt this morning. There before me was a photograph of water in the shape of a chalice illuminated by the light of the sun. The title, “yearning.” I realized that perhaps I had just been provided with the image I needed to explore this ancient symbol in the way it has come to me recently…

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Years ago, when I first began exploring Tarot, I bought myself the Rider-Wait deck. I  often shuffled the cards to find guidance for my life and writing journey. As frequently happens with Tarot, a card will repeatedly show itself. The Queen of Cups was that card for me.

The Queen of Cups in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The archetype of The Queen sat before me on her throne contemplating a capped golden chalice in her hands bearing a cross at its top. The card is filled with archetypal symbolism, which is up to the individual to explore in relation to his or her own inner journey.




15 thoughts on “The Chalice & The Sun #yearning #writephoto #queenofcups

  1. Suzanne

    I really like this post. In a way we are all on our own grail quests. The way you have related the grail to the womb is illuminating and your concluding paragraph really hits the mark. The golden light filling the womb with the seeds of a new way of being describes the transformation many of us are undergoing beautifully. Thank you for this insightful post.

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      1. Suzanne

        Yes I really did. I have been doing a lot of womb healing myself this year I hadn’t thought of the chalice analogy but it’s perfect. Thank you for expanding my understanding 🙂

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