It’s Not About a Woman’s Body

Soul Healing Art

Lately, the issue of abortion has moved into our collective consciousness, yet, once again. My hope would be, as with all such things, that consciousness leads to awareness.

First and foremost, despite what is so frequently stated, abortion is not about a woman’s body. Abortion is about a woman’s WAY OF BEING in the world, which extends well beyond her physical body.

A woman contemplating, or completing an abortion, is not engendering an act that is only speaking to her body. No, a woman considering an abortion is relating to the ENTIRETY of HER BEING in the world. What she will be in relation to, what she will be responsive to, what she will create, what will she energetically carry with her within the world.

Any woman knows that to be in the space of pregnancy is to be in existence with the life energy BEYOND the borders of an…

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