The Quest for Immortality: Terms…

The Silent Eye


… The terms Ego and Id had not yet been applied to the components of the human psyche when

Gilgamesh was written but the self same dynamics are evident within it and were clearly known about

and well understood.

Curiously enough, Ekidu, contains an ‘id’.

Perhaps Freud, himself, was familiar with the Old Epic?


The two heores of the epic who are, then, actually two aspects of the same personality

meet in combat and, being perfectly matched, finally come to terms.

This appears to work for awhile but eventually fails.


Put simply, terms are ‘manufactured’ and based on ‘wants’ which are egoic, whilst, the Id deals only

in ‘needs’ which are natural and, therefore, also a part of the bigger picture which the egoic will never

be able to see…


As if there were not already enough food for thought of a psychological nature

within the…

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