Black & White 2

Savvy Raj

What is White?

What is white?
But a tint of light
And all things bright!

Symbolic of purity
Cleanliness and hygiene
Of innocence & simplicity

Of sincerity and openness
Yet a striving for perfection
Of clean lines and untarnished work.

Like black is about absorption
White is about reflection
About idealism and optimism
White also signifies love and peace
Like white doves as symbols

And yet just as black
White excludes itself from colour
As in the visible spectrum of colours
They are but outcasts
As they are clearly absent from view.
Except as in monochromes & grayscales

In between the extremes of black and white
Of human behavior
Are the many shades and tones.
Every manifestation is meaningful to the whole.

Like night and day
All is relevant in it’s own way
As it exists in the strength of interconnectedness in the interdependence.

Such is the
Truth of life…

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