At the Threshold

Being in Nature

 photo prompt:

Ryan always thought of the cave at the base of the cliffs as Plato’s cave.   Maybe that was because the local environment group held its annual beach clean day around the same time he delivered his lecture on Plato’s cave to his current lot of first year uni students.

Shouldering his collection sack he picked his way to the back of the cave where he knew plastic debris collected.   Sure enough there was the usual mounds of those hard little straws that came out of box drinks, fragments of sea worn plastic from unidentifiable sources and tangles of plastic twine washed overboard from ships.   It was always the same kind of debris in this cave.  He used to wonder why that was until someone suggested that could be because of the strength of  various ocean currents.   Different weight objects would get carried on different currents.   Whatever the…

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