Elusive realities: The touch of the past..?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Beckhampton Avenue, Avebury

We visit a lot of ancient sites and, over the years, have developed both a set of ideas and a bit of a ‘feel’ for these places. Some of those ideas have later been borne out by research into the archaeological record and scientific perspective, others are speculative and the rest will probably remain no more than subjective.

By dint of spending time in these ancient places, we have felt what many others have recorded as subjective impressions and observed phenomena that others have reported. But, every so often,  we are gifted with a snippet of confirmation. We ‘knew’, for example, long before we actually knew, that there had to have been air burials in the early days of our land. We ‘knew’ that bones were painted with ochre before trawling through research papers confirmed it.

West Kennet Avenue, Avebury

We were aware of how stones were…

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