The long way home

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

waddesdon 067

Snow permitting, I am on my travels again briefly, and heading north. Regular visitors may have noticed that on very rare occasions I may mention the North of England. Just the odd, passing reference perhaps, here and there, to Yorkshire or the moors, barely anything at all really… hardly even a whisper…. I may not even have mentioned it is known as God’s own county…

Oh? Ok I did. But only quietly. You probably didn’t notice.

I have lived in the south for a long time. It was , I freely admit, my own fault and an accident. I stuck a pin in a map blindfold one day and it landed here. I should have peeked. And that is perfectly true. It was … is… only temporary. Yes… two decades still counts as temporary. It dawned on me I’d been saying fifteen years for a while now so I had…

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