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January…and the clocking is ticking down to spring. Work that has been going on all year  now changes gear. It began in earnest last year, with a research trip to the British Museum to see the art and artefacts of an ancient civilisation that was at least the equal of Egypt, but which is less well known today… Sumer.

Over seven thousand years ago, long before the pyramids were dreamed of, the people who would become the Sumerians settled in Mesopotamia. Their culture was rich and colourful. We know that music and the arts were of great importance to them…and their city of Uruk, home to up to eighty thousand people at its height, was the centre of their world.

Gilgamesh ruled in Uruk almost five thousand years ago and his story passed into legend and thence into myth. It comes down to us, echoing through the ages, as the…

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7 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Love your post! The wonder of Mesopotamia!
    When Gilgamesh ruled, the first BristleCone Pines were rooting in North America, in California, they still live. They are the oldest individual living organisms on earth. To me, human achievement pales in the face of them. I have hiked amongst them twice. They are silent. They watch.
    I think humans should consider themselves from these trees perspective, particularly since we have not lived up to Mesopotamia’s example.

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    1. That is pretty remarkable! Did you also share your comment on The Silent Eye’s website? I’m sure they’d love to read it and may miss it here. I do wish I could make the workshop this year. I am sure it will be life-changing. ❤


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