The Red Pill? Or, The Blue Pill?


This is not a post about the movie “The Matrix”.

Although it is thought regarding that movie which influenced this writing.

As a child, I constantly asked questions. I grew up and I continue to ask questions and to seek the truth about the ones people can’t answer.

I became aware of a plan headed by millionaire companies, government officials, millionaires, and others to launch a rollout of 5g which will blanket the earth. At the moment we are on 4g of communication speed. 5g, when it arrives, will be faster, e.g. you can download an HD movie in 10 seconds. Mobile networks will stream faster, internet connections will be in the blink of an eye and “Hallelujah” welcome to the new world.

You might now be shrugging your shoulders or shaking your head. What is she bleating on about?

Here are some of the effects of 4g on humans…

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