Notes from a small dog: IndieAni Bones and the thunder stone…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We had barely got in the car than we were out of it again. Just a mile or two down the road to a tiny village and she was looking for somewhere to park. Now, I have to say that the next stone they took me to was fairly underwhelming at face value, for all it is seven feet tall. Someone built their garden wall to sort of include it, so you can only see the part that faces out onto the road and you can’t get to sniff it properly or anything. It seems quite a sad stone…unloved and unwanted somehow, yet it is still standing after five thousand years…and that really is quite strange, when you think about it.

It stands in the village of Taston, which takes its name from Thor’s Stone. Legend has it that the stone was a thunderbolt cast down by the god, although…

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