With open arms…

A thought provoking post by Sue Vincent of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness on the deeper meaning of exchanging the embrace of a hug and offering your open heart to another. On a personal note, Sue’s post brought back the memories I hold from a very special day visiting Arbor Low. It made me realize how significant Nick’s presence there was for me, and one of the reasons being that it allowed me to slow down. As Sue knows, I tend to let these sites sweep me away, and approaching this sacred and very special place with slow deliberation, I believe, was a necessary gift.

The Silent Eye

“… it gives me a big advantage for getting to know people,” said my son.  I had to admit that he has a point. The only way he can walk is with support, and if there is no handrail or frame available, he borrows a shoulder or two. I, being very much shorter than he, am a perfect height for the job and am so used to it that I have long since ceased to think about it. We just get on with it as the need arises. But, he has made use of shoulders on three continents and made many friends in the process too.

One memorable adventure I was able to capture on camera. It was after the Feathered Seer workshop, one April. My son had come along to see what happened at our workshops, and stayed behind afterwards to go exploring the Derbyshire countryside with us. Alethea…

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