#WATWB The power of the sun’s energy is brought to lower income communities


Thank you for the Garden of Eden bloggers for reminding me that today is the day to share some of the positive happenings going on in the world. It took me a bit of scrolling and searching, sadly, but I stopped when I found this article on NHPR about Revision Energy, which happens to be the same company my husband I contracted for the solar arrays that are now on our roof generating clean energy to power our home.

The article tells of a Mobile home community in Lebanon, NH that will now be powered with the sun’s energy, bringing clean energy to a lower-income neighborhood with the added benefit of a financial saving.  I think that’s pretty darn cool!

Here’s the full link to the article: http://www.nhpr.org/post/lebanon-mobile-home-community-celebrates-launch-new-solar-array

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4 thoughts on “#WATWB The power of the sun’s energy is brought to lower income communities

  1. Awesome! Renewable energy is doubtless going to have hiccups as it gets up to speed, but it’s the only way we’re going to keep going on this rock. Interestingly, I wrote a similar post for my WATWB post this month. Thanks for sharing and being a part of WATWB!

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  2. Thanks Alethea for this – renewables are the only way to go. The short link was interesting. By the way, I see you’ve used my website for thanking the #WATWB bloggers … I think you meant to link them to the #WATWB 🙂 Have a great week 🙂

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