Deforestation…and our Carbon Footprint.

Retired? No one told me!

Carbon Footprints

It was the plight of the Orangutan which first caught my eye and prompted me to write the first two posts…

Some schools of thought are that it is a massive marketing ploy by Iceland and maybe it was…It did, however, highlight the plight of the Orangutan.

It also highlighted once again the Palm Oil saga…

Sustainable Palm Oil is the best way to go as producing sustainable palm saves and or creates jobs for locals…

But and it is a big but…Deforestation is not only caused by the production of Palm oil it is a far bigger picture…Now I am not an expert I am learning more about the subject every day and from each article I research…There is so much more…

5 major causes of deforestation are:

Agricultural Expansion…The conversion of forests into agricultural plantations is a major cause of deforestation. Farmers cut forests to provide more…

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