Climate Change from another angle

Being in Nature

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by dire and depressing thoughts when thinking about climate change but maybe there is another way to look at it.

There is a Native American story where Coyote the Trickster comes across two men arguing. One man stands on one side of the fence loudly proclaiming his point of view is the right one. The man on the other side of the fence is doing the same thing. They are yelling so loudly they are disturbing Coyote’s peace and quiet. He jumps up on the fence and begins to act the clown. He mimics the men. He does acrobatic tricks right in their line of vision. He makes lewd gestures that distract them. The men get so annoyed by Coyote’s antics they stop arguing and work to together to get him to stop.

Maybe climate change is the Trickster in world events – the third…

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