The Earth is our Home

Being in Nature

The Earth is our home.   We destroy it at our peril.

This week the UN released another report on climate change.   The message is dire.

“The science is clear. Without rapid cuts in CO2 and other greenhouse gases, climate change will have increasingly destructive and irreversible impacts on life on Earth. The window of opportunity for action is almost closed…

The last time the Earth experienced a comparable concentration of CO2 was three to five million years ago, when the temperature was 2 to 3°C warmer and sea level was 10 to 20 meters higher than now,”  said World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Petteri Taalas.

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I posted a link to this article on Facebook but no one commented or even clicked like.  No one!  Curious – many of my Facebook friends are environmentalists.  Did the Facebook algorithms somehow work so that the post didn’t show up in anyone’s Newsfeed?   It’s…

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