You can’t have that word.
You don’t own this Lady.

A gift, from across the sea,

From an ally we should remember.

A shared history.

A reminder of who we are.

Out of many, we are one.

Drops of water make an ocean.

Thorns of gorse, individually, are easily pushed aside.

A bush full of them is impenetrable.

We are a nation of immigrants.

None of our ancestors had papers, when we came.

There were no quotas, no walls.

As we grew more prosperous, we forgot who we are.

The people, resourceful and strong enough to get here

Should be welcomed.

That is the only test of citizenship that should matter.

Our ancestors built a nation.

The ones who come now,

What will they build?

We need not fear what will come.

We need to look to this Lady and remember who we are.

The words written in that book…

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