A Thousand Miles of History XVII: The Green Chapel…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Beneath the flower-strewn lawns of Carn Euny is a mysterious passage known as a fougou, which comes from the old Cornish word for ‘cave’. There are many theories about why they were built, but no definitive evidence. According to the experts, they may have been places of refuge in case of attack, cold storage for food or places with some kind of ritual significance. It is a standing joke in archaeology that anything that is not understood is called a ‘ritual site’, and this tends to demean the many places that undoubtedly were once seen as spiritually significant… But at Carn Euny, the stones speak for themselves.

I knew there was a fougou at the site. I had visited one forty years ago in the area, impressive in its age and construction, but relatively uninteresting; it was just a stone-lined tunnel beneath the ground. I was quite happy to accept…

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